Wicked Little Letters

Have you ever wanted to hear Olivia Colman say ****? Or Jessie Buckley say ****? Because below in our very NSFW interviews with the cast of Wicked Little Letters, we have all manner of ****’s and ****’s and even a smattering of **** **** *****’s.

Of course we didn’t just ask the talent for their favourite swearwords for no reason, for Wicked Little Letters is a film that, in some ways, celebrates the English language, in all its disgraceful beauty. Below you can watch our interviews with the two lead stars in Colman and Buckley, while we also spoke to Timothy Spall and Anjana Vasan, as both duos talk about both the comedic, and profound elements of this production, as well as, of course, all of their favourite bad words.

Olivia Colman & Jessie Buckley

Timothy Spall & Anjana Vasan


When the residents of Littlehampton start receiving letters filled with obscenities and hilarious profanity, Rose, a rambunctious Irish immigrant, is accused of the crime.

Wicked Little Letters is released in cinemas on February 23