Considering The Party is a relevant, satirical comedy focusing in on the flaws of the British political system, with a particular, barbed take on the modern Left – it seemed somewhat ironic that during the modest, 12 day shoot came the unfavourable results of the Brexit referendum – and so when we sat down with two of the film’s leading stars Cherry Jones and Kristin Scott Thomas, we spoke about the affect this had on the whole experience.

We also go on the speak about the sheer joys in making a film in such a short period of time (we’re all busy people, after all) and Scott Thomas tells us about her first foray into directing – though it seems it’s been a somewhat more difficult endeavour than she had hoped for, and she goes on to tell us why she thinks that may be.

Watch the full interview below…


After she receives a promotion and becomes the secretary of health, a British cabinet politician and her academic husband host a soiree for the political and intellectual elite that ends with blood on the floor.

The Party is released on October 13th, and you can read our review of the film here.