We first saw Richard Gere’s forthcoming Time out of Mind in Toronto back in 2014. It wowed our critic, who praised Gere for an ‘unexpected, outstanding performance.

It’s great to see an actor deliver a powerful and nuanced turn in a film which refuses to paint in broad strokes. Oren Moverman’s moving portrayal of the plight of New York’s homeless serves the story well and though this is Gere’s film there is very strong support from Jena Malone.

The film was in the news recently as Altitude, who picked up distribution rights in the UK, are set to partner with two homeless charities, Crisis and Centrepoint, during the promotion of the film. This fits in perfectly with the film’s empathetic tone and is a solid move from Altitude.

Here’s the film’s UK poster, the film is out here in the 4th of March.

Time Out of Mind UK Poster