With Alice in Wonderland now firmly behind him (hang on, isn’t it still in cinemas?!), Tim Burton has revealed over on Deadline that his next project may well be a reboot of The Addams Family.

The article states that this will not relate in any way to the TV series or the 2 movies (that both starred Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia and Christopher Lloyd) other than the original material. It will be financed by the family wing of Universal called Illumination Entertainment which is headed up by Chris Meledandri.

Deadline: Meladandri will produce the film. Kevin Miserocchi of the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation will be executive producer. A writer will be hired shortly. Burton, whose visual creations are currently on display at a MOMA exhibit that opened last November, is expected to provide much of the visual look of the film himself.

Surely this is a perfect for the quirky, genius, director. For the full story, head over to Deadline.