The Jameson AstronautDuncan Jones’ Moon has arguably been one of the more exceptional achievements in recent sci fi history.  Its disarmingly static aesthetic combined with Sam Rockwell’s standout performance make for compelling viewing and HeyUGuys are among its legion fans.

59% of Empire readers agreed with HUG when the choice of Jameson Cult Film Club’s St Patrick’s Day entertainment was put to their vote.  Indeed, there could hardly be a more fitting film for a very special JCFC event at The Royal Institution of Great Britain.  The Royal Institution nestles discreetly behind Bond Street – London’s most exclusive shopping district.  It has borne witness to 200 years of scientific innovation and research and some of the greatest thinkers of modern times have strolled along its corridors.  Last night though, even in this landmark building’s life, was something quite singular.

When JCFC present a cult film they do so with a flourish – turning an ordinary screening into pure spectacle and an audience into participants in a three dimensional experience.  The out of this world feel for the night was achieved through a heady combination of the architecture of the Institution itself, Barbarella kitsch decor, Jameson cocktails and generous shots of surprise.  Confused young spacemen wandered halls, mood-lit for mystery, looking somewhat under the weather.  Silver-wigged, space-age, beauties lured us into a lecture hall lined with silver beanbags and we sat back to wait for the ride to begin.

The huge screen before us was soon dwarfed by the spectacle of an astronaut floating in mid air.  Bopping along to the Moon inspired tunes piped into the hall and throwing enthusiastic shapes oblivious to his somewhat elevated position.  This was wow factor with a capital WOW!

The surprises continued as the gravity defying dancer bowed his farewell.  Blake’s Seven spoof Blake’s Junction 7 still had us roaring with laughter when a familiar face flickered into life onscreen.  Tess Bell (Dominique McElligott) had an exclusive video message from Earth especially for Jameson Cult Film Club members.  And for Sam…

The buzzing audience stilled to a single held breath as the credits rolled and, in the best possible company, we set off for the Moon.