Prime Video has debuted the trailer for the historical drama series ‘Those About To Die.’

Panem et Circenses – Bread and Entertainment; Rome in 79 A.D.: The centre of the Roman Empire is the wealthiest city in the world, and there is a heavy influx of slave labourers from the growing empire to take over the work. The Roman population—bored, restless, and increasingly violent—is kept in line mainly by two things: free food and spectacular entertainment, in the form of chariot racing and gladiator fights.

The series delves into the world of the games—a world characterized by bloodlust, greed for money, the pursuit of power, and corruption. The races at Circus Maximus are controlled by four Patrician-owned corporations, the Blue, Red, White, and Green factions, and shares in the four factions are the most valuable things in Rome. As the taste in entertainment of the populace becomes more jaded and bloodthirsty, a specially designed stadium for gladiatorial combat is needed – the Colosseum. The scale of the stadium as well as the gladiatorial and animal combats is enormous – same as the underworld with the flourishing betting business. Underground, beneath the stands, thousands of people work and live—among them thousands who will die for the games.

The high-class cast includes Academy Award® winner Sir Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lambs, King Lear) as Emperor Vespasian, Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones) as Tenax, Tom Hughes (The English, Victoria) as Titus Flavianus, Sara Martins (Tell No One, Death in Paradise) as Cala, and Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson (Game of Thrones) as Viggo, Jojo Macari (Sex Education) as Domitian, Gabriella Pession (Crossing Lines) as Antonia, Dimitri Leonidas (Rosewater, Renegades) as Scorpus, Emilio Sakraya (60 Minuten, Rheingold, 4 Blocks)  as Xenon, Moe Hashim (Ted Lasso) as Kwame, Rupert Penry Jones (Whitechapel) as Marsus and others.

All 10 episodes will be available for Prime members just one day after the US launch. Created by Academy Award® nominated writer Robert Rodat (The Patriot, Saving Private Ryan), and inspired by the nonfiction book of the same name by Daniel P. Mannix, the series will immerse viewers into the spectacular, complex, and corrupt world of chariot racing and gladiatorial fights in ancient Rome.

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The historical drama series from director Roland Emmerich (Moonfall, Independence Day, Godzilla) will launch exclusively on Prime Video in the UK & Ireland on 19th July, 2024 and select European countries as well as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India and Sub-Saharan Africa.