It was yesterday that we got our first look at The Walking Dead season seven, and now AMC has released a very cool banner which continues to tease the identity of Negan’s victim. As you’ll no doubt remember, season six ended on a pretty massive cliffhanger when the villain (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) selected one of Rick’s group to make an example of.

The victim’s identity was revealed in the pages of The Walking Dead #100, but there’s nothing to say that the show will follow suit, especially as it has frequently made some big changes to the source material. Looking through the potential victims of Lucille – Negan’s barbed wire covered baseball bat – it’s fair to say tat any one of them will be a big loss!

The Walking Dead’s San Diego Comic-Con panel will take place on July 22nd, and it’s there that the first trailer for season seven will be released. With any luck, that will shed some light on where Negan will go from here, because all the signs are pointing to an all out war between the residents of Alexandria and the sinister Saviours. Who will win? Time will tell…

Click on the image below to view the massive full-size version of the banner.

The Walking Dead Banner