To celebrate the release of THE VOYEURS, the new erotic thriller (remember them?) streaming on Amazon Prime this weekend, we sat down with the cast and director to find out why the time is right for this forgotten sub-genre to have a renaissance.

For Pippa (Sydney Sweeney), life is good. She and her boyfriend Thomas (Justice Smith) have just moved into a beautiful apartment with great views of Downtown Montreal… and the apartment across the street. What starts out as innocent curiosity soon turns into an all-out obsession as they glimpse more and more of the glamorous and sexy lives of the couple who live there. But, after they witness their womanizing fashion photographer neighbour (Ben Hardy) cheating on his faithful partner Julia (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), Pippa and Thomas disagree as to whether they have a responsibility to act, or to simply mind their own business and stop looking.

We spoke to Sydney Sweeney, Justice Smith, Hardy, Liu Bordizzo about joining the film, why they felt 2021 was the perfect time to readdress the genre and manipulate the tropes we know so well, why they were drawn to the story and, with such an intimate setting, finding ways to relieve the tension on set.

We also chatted to director Michael Mohan who had the germ of the idea years before but kept being drawn back to it until, finally, he was able to make it. He talks preconceptions of this type of film, the style and why modern audiences will take from it.

You can view the full interviews below:

The Voyeurs begins streaming on Amazon Prime from September the 10th.