It’s a mouthwatering prospect, the cinematic event of the year so far. Nicolas Cage plays Nicolas Cage. Not just the ultimate treat for his fans, but a must-see for any movie lover.

The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent sees the incomparable Cage as a version of himself with his acting career on the slide and his relationship with his daughter heading in the same direction. Encouraged by his agent, he takes on an unlikely sounding job –a guest appearance at a millionaire’s party – but soon finds himself embroiled in a plot that involves gangsters, kidnapping and the CIA.

Playing his daughter is Lily Sheen, in her first ever feature film, and it’s directed by Tom Gormican who also co-wrote the script with Kevin Etten. Freda Cooper sat down with all of them and discovered that working with an actor who was playing himself was both the biggest challenge and the biggest pleasure of making the film.

Both self-confessed Cage fans, Gormican and Etten tried to include as many references to his movies as possible, but somehow couldn’t fit in The Weather Man. They also talk about why the version of Nicolas Cage seen by millions on Wogan in 1990 found his way into the story.

Lily Sheen describes growing up with Cage’s movies: she was a “diehard fan” and is even more so after working with him. She also explains how much she learnt from him on set, especially his approach to acting, calling it “the best mentor experience.”

The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent is released in cinemas on 22 April.