To celebrate the release of The Split, we spoke with the stars of the critically acclaimed BBC drama.

Created by Abi Morgan, The Split revolves around the tentative lives of a family of divorce lawyers. Now in Season 3, Hannah Stern, an accomplished lawyer for Noble & Hale, is balancing her working life alongside going through her own tumultuous divorce with her partner Nathan.

Playing Hannah’s younger sisters Rose and Nina, we spoke with Fiona Button and Annabel Scholey about the family dynamics on and off the screen as well as balancing both parenthood, infertility, and alcoholism.

We also spoke with the brilliant Stephen Mangan about saying goodbye to Nathan and how this new season will test his beloved character.

Actress Lara Pulver joins The Split as a child psychologist who shakes-up the life of the Sterns as they head into a messy divorce. Pulver spoke with us about being the new girl as well as the process of researching her character.

Peacemaker’s Chukwudi Iwuji  spoke with us about his character Zander Hale as he enters marriage and how that is impacted by his work. Iwuji also spoke about his roles in upcoming film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

The Split is available on BBCiPlayer now!