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This week’s Sunday Lunch funny comes about after I was looking for a movie clip for my IMDb250 project review of Scarface.

Picture the scene: you’re a proud parent being invited to your kid’s school play – a stage version of the notorious and violent 1980’s drug film Scarface. There won’t be guns, cocaine, swearing or killing surely? Well, not exactly.

I can imagine the news stories that came out after this was released in the States, and below is one such report where they actually bleep out the word the kids are saying hinting that they actually swore during the production “dropping the F-Bomb” as it were, which is nonsense but adds to my enjoyment of it.

It’s bizarre, wrong but darkly entertaining. I’d be a very proud parent if my kid was cast as Tony Montana in a school play.

So this is Scarface, You know, for kids!.

The media outcry

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