Good Sunday everyone, this is The Sunday Lunch, HeyUGuys’ excuse to let down our Movie News blogging hair and enjoy the lighter side of movies.

This week’s Sunday Lunch funny comes from a clip that Jon Lyus sent me which put the biggest smile on my face.

It shows Jim Henson, being voiced by Kermit the frog, showing how to make puppets out of anything and then giving them more of a personality than those muppets from Big Brother.

It’s 15 minutes long and is just wonderful to see Jim Henson in action, he’s a true genius. Check it out below.

The clip of Jim Henson working his magic gave me a taste for anything Muppet so I’ve hunted down some of the best Muppet clips for your viewing pleasure and it proves what a brilliant and universally loved program the Muppet Show was.

Muppets do Bohemian Rhapsody, Genius

Swedish Chef, Animal and Beaker sing Danny Boy, this is very very funny.

One of the funniest jokes ever told by Seymour and Pepe (the King Prawn) from the short lived Muppets Tonight series. This makes me laugh so much.

Fozzie Bear, funnier than the average bear.

Another musical number from the Muppets, it’s all about their expressions and personalities that make such a simple concept work.

When Muppets and Star Wars collide…

No Muppet compilation would be complete without the Swedish Chef.

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