Neil Patrick Harris is already on board as the (human) lead for Raja Gosnell’s 2010 Smurfs movie and there’s a couple of new names that have been thrown into the pot today, including an outstanding choice for the nemesis of the little blue people.

THR have reported that Simpsons regular Hank Azaria is the studio’s choice for the evil Gargamel, the black robed fugly who preys on the peaceful, if slightly irritating, band of Smurfs and this is a great pick – Azaria is a cracking addition to any film, and his voice work is always worth catching.

If you’re one of the army of fans of the beloved high school musical series Glee then you’ll be pleased to know that wide-eyed Jayma Mays is going to be joining Harris in a human capacity as the female lead.

While the rest of the casting continues apace, smurf and non-smurf, is it wrong of me that I’m actually looking forward to this one now?