Mix retro ’50s America with questionable future tech and salesman selling Lunar timeshares and you get the new series from Apple TV ‘Hello Tomorrow!’ featuring Billy Crudup as an overly optimistic head salesman with something to hide.

Set in a retro-future world, “Hello Tomorrow!” centres on a group of travelling salesmen hawking lunar timeshares. Billy Crudup stars as Jack, a salesman of great talent and ambition, whose unshakeable faith in a brighter tomorrow inspires his coworkers, re-vitalizes his desperate customers but threatens to leave him dangerously lost in the very dream that sustains him.

We spoke with the show’s stars Billy Crudup, Nicholas Podany, Haneefah Wood, Dewshane Williams, Hank Azaria and the shows writers, showrunners and executive producers Amit Bhalla and Lucas Jansen about the quirkiness of the intriguing new show.

Hello Tomorrow hits AppleTV+ on Friday February 17th.