Scream 4 didn’t kickstart the horror franchise in quite the way it was meant to, the dangling threads linking it to the first three films proved a bridge too far. When your first film is so happy about reinventing a subgenre it vastly increases the work the inevitable sequels need to do to maintain the momentum. Hence the first sequel was fun but nowhere near inventive enough, the third film was its forebear’s parody without the charm and then the fourth killed the series.

However, like any good horror story there’s the corpse’s final lurch and that shock tactic is present and correct here in the first trailer for MTV’s reupdatifying of the series as a TV series. The go to approach for TV teen violence right now is the prevalent threat of cyber bullying, which plays a role in getting the grisly party started in this series. We can expect a Whatsapp message of ‘What’s your favourite scary movie?’ to crop up pre-credits.

Bella Thorne is the big name here, Wes Craven is pulling on his executive producing trousers, and time will tell if he is more involved that lending his name in due course.

The show premieres on the 30th of June. Go nuts with the trailer below,