freddyvsjasonvsmichaelmfl3Thanks for reading my “VS” series of articles over the last 3-4 days. I took on Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger and i feel slightly disturbed afer seeing so much blood, gore and murder.

After 29 films, over 43 hours of horror, over 600 gallons of blood, over 270 slaughtered people shared between three iconic horror movie icons, here is the verdict of who is the champion slasher.

Firstly all three characters have provided me with an incredibly fun experience as i have not seen all the films before and watching them in sequence has added more enjoyment and also annoyance in seeing how the characters develop, how the stories evolve and how the mythology of each character has grown.

A consistent factor of all three characters is that their stories all followed a complete nonsense storyline linking one sequel to the next that tried to add something new each time which often never worked and left the film lacking the soul and scariness that made all three of their debut films stand out and forever memorable in our nightmares.

Round one:- Best image

All three have a striking image that is a powerful presence on the screen and is completely bowel exploding if you ever faced them in a dark alley.

Freddy Krueger’s burnt face, stripy outfit, killer glove and Fedora hat is a simple but memorable look and I bet if you ever see a green and red stripy jumper anywhere you will instantly think of Freddy Krueger. He is also quite comical which takes the edge off.

Jason Voorhees Jump suit, Hockey mask and Machete is again a well known and loved look, but its surely the hockey mask thats the main iconic association with the big murderous lump, and again if you ever see a Ice hockey mask you brain will first think of Jason before moving to the sport. Jason’s slow walking, size and presence is dam terrifying.

Michael Myers sports a blue boiler suit, a huge kitchen knife and the James T Kirk face mask, Although not as visibly terrifying as the other two killers, it’s all about the pale emotionless face that makes it work so well.

Winner: Jason Voorhees
A tough one and for me Jason only just beats Freddy due to Freddy’s comical side when he kills which makes Jason that little bit more scary.


Round two:- Most kills

I tried my best to keep score of all the kills but at some points there was a slaughter house amount of bodies so it was difficult to keep track.

Jason Voorhees has killed approximately 146 people in just 12 films, thats an average of 12.2 slaughters a film.

Michael Myers has killed approximately 94 people in 10 films, an average of 9.4 murders a film

Freddy Krueger has killed approximately 35 people in 8 films, just an average of 4.4 massacre’s a film.

Winner: Jason Voorhees
By a country mile, doesn’t have a set vendetta so just kills anyone he sees, a killing machine.


Round Three:- Killing at the Box Office

Jason Voohees earned a total of $465,239,523 in all his films which is an average of $38,769,960 per film

Michael Myers earned a total of $347,453,567 in all his films which is an average of $38, 605,952 per film

Freddy Krueger earned a total of $339,706,250 in all his films which is an average of $42,463,281 per film

Winner: Freddy Krueger
Freddy certainly drew in the audiences for his films and was the most consistent earner over his run of films.


Round four:- Best Kills overall

Jason Voorhees murdered in some of the funniest ways, whether it was smashing a girl in a sleeping bag against a tree or freezing a girls face in Liquid Nitrogen and smashing it on a table, they were enjoyable, a bit tongue in cheek and at times very brutal which is everything you want and look forward in a horror film.

Michael Myers murdered in a more brutal way than the other two and in the new reboot films crossed the line and entered a more realistic approach at the killings which i found difficult, even after sitting through all the other films.

Freddy Krueger Killed with a sense of humor, whether it was using a video game to kill his victims, turning into TV’s or eating future A-List celebrities in a bed and exploding in a shower of blood. Freddy’s kills also had a bit of imagination as they were set in dreams and the possibilities were endless.

Winner: Jason Voorhees
Again just beating Freddy in the quality of kills, The sleeping bag one alone was enough to win but as shown in my review of Jason his kills were the right mix of brutality and enjoyment.


Round Five: Story

Jason Voohees had a barmy story line but started of strongly with his mother, Pamela Voorhees being the murderer avenging his death. Then Jason takes centre stage going on a murdering rampage in each film, becoming supernatural after being struck with lightening and going onto fight Freddy Krueger and winning and then finally going where no man has gone before into the year 2455.
There was a slight stutter half way through the series as Jason was replaced by Tommy Jarvis as the new killer which was scrapped in the next film. A huge disappointment was the Jason goes to hell movie but apart from that it had a set formula that worked but was overused over the 12 film run.
A reboot was introduced to a new generation that didn’t work and added nothing new for Jason.

Michael Myers had the biggest balls up in terms of storyline, the writers tried to explain him by bringing in a druid cult that protected him and a curse that flowed from family to family which just didn’t work and ruined what was just a psycho killer trying to kill his family. Again the writers braved the idea of introducing a new killer in Michael’s Niece but again this was dropped in the following sequel. Halloween reached the lowest point of all 29 films in Halloween Resurrection which was the biggest load of rubbish I have ever seen.

Freddy Krueger had the biggest potential to do what ever he wanted as the writers were not really restricted by story line and could dream up anything they wanted as long as they kept to the premise that Freddy killed in your dreams, But they didn’t and created some nonsense stories of babies dreaming and unimaginative ways of killing Freddy.
The stories did stick with the Elm Street children of Freddy’s killers and also the excellent story expansion of the birth of Freddy which added a disturbing back story to his evil.

Winner: Jason Voorhees
Non-complicated stories which progressed in better directions than the other characters, Jason is just Jason and he’s a heartless unemotional killer who doesn’t stop at anything. No complicated explanations of what he is and he went into space and became Robo-Jason.


Round 6: Speed of the hunt

Jason Voorhees is a slow lumbering menace who never runs but still always catches his prey. Sometimes he walks pretty fast but his victims just end up in a cabin or trip up so he never has to break sweat to catch his play thing.

Freddy Krueger can run with the best of them, appear where ever he wants in your dreams or even turn into a car or probably any other thing he wants to get you. You have no chance of getting away unless you burn yourself or rely on a friend who hopefully hasn’t been eaten by his bed, to get you out of your dream.

Michael Myers is another walker who choses not to run, but you know off camera he does a little sprint to hide behind a tree or fence when you turn away for a second and look back to find that he’s gone. One time Michael did steal a car and do some chasing but that didn’t last long as it’s not as scary.

Winner: Freddy Krueger
He’s the only one who travels above a fast walk and can appear where ever he choses in dream land so no competition.


Final Round: Most times killed

Jason Voorhees was apparently killed as a child but probably wasn’t but he was definitely killed at the end of part 4 and part 8. He was later killed again at the end of Jason X, or so we are led to believe but also came out on top, or at least intact in the battle with Freddy, so that’s Three deaths to Jason.

Freddy Krueger was killed at the end of Part 6 and again in essence in A new Nightmare but never really completely killed in any other movie, came off second best to Jason in their VS movie and was left with just his head, so thats two Deaths for Freddy.

Michael Myers was never been killed in any film apart from the Halloween remake in 2009, although presumed dead in every other film he has always got up and carried on his merry way. So just the one for Michael

Winner: Michael Myers


Overall Winner: Jason Voorhees


With a grand total of 4 out 7 wins Jason is the deserved winner of the greatest Killer of all time, Freddy came in second with two victories and Michael in last with the one. Well done Jason.

Now a few videos of our killers in action and other related stuff. Enjoy.

Johnny Depp’s superb cameo in A Nightmare on Elm Street part 6

All the Friday 13th Deaths if you can handle it!

All the Nightmare on Elm Street Deaths back to back

I couldn’t find a Michael Myers tribute without an annoying sountrack so look yourself.

Thanks for reading.

  • Tracy Ladd

    Loved loved loved this! Great post Gary! You're a brave man for sitting thru all those movies 😉

  • Bazmann

    Damn, my money was on Freddy…

  • atomlin

    i think jayson and myers is scary im not sure about freddy

  • horrorfreak

    This is lame.Apart from the first nightmare on elm street, the halloween movies are of superior quality to these other movies.I need to start my own site, everyone I read is made up by idiots

  • JIL_jrt017


  • JIL_jrt017


  • emiliano victorillio manggiran


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  • Michael Perez423

    Who made you the decider. This is your opinion, so keep it to yourself! The internet already has enough crap from stupid people, don’t be one of those people!

  • Juliet Hathon

    love love love love lovvved this. Thank you for a concise summary. seriously. I feel like I can now reference how awesome Jason is more easily 🙂

  • Saku Raitonen

    This is YOUR opinion..

    Extremely lame as it self..

    My money and scores goes to MICHAEL MYERS, the one, who started it all, leaving LEATHERFACE outside..

    I think, that as a killer, MICHAEL and JASON are both juggernaut-like killers, who both seems to be unstoppable!

    many people have discribe Jason as an IMMORTAL, but the fact, that JASON has already died, three times in the original timeline, makes it ridicilous and it’s extremely false.. i would consider JASON more as an mortal-immortal, zombie like killer 🙂

    MYERS has never died, in the original timeline, and never will.

    He is IMMORTAL, killing machine, who gets you, either you walk or run, hide or dissappear..

    He doesn’t feel anything.. no pain, no nothing

    “i met this 6 year old child with his blanc, pale, emotionless face and the blackest eyes, the Devils eyes.

    i spent 8 years trying to reach him, but then another 7 i tried to keep him locked up because i realized what was living behind those boy’s eyes was purely, and simply EVIL”

    MICHAEL is much scarier, psychopathic, haunting, EVIL than both JASON and FREDDY.
    He lurks in dark, and scares the shit out of you.

    While he has been much realistic than either Freddy and Jason, he has supernatural powers, like teleporting, superhuman strenght, excellent durability and stamina. Jason has similar abilities as well.. 😀

    And one difference between the three of them is, that MICHAEL walks, sometimes slowly, that as well makes him much scarier and realistic.. . 😀

    MICHAEL MYERS wins hands down, that’s of course my opinion.

    FREDDY KRUEGER comes 2nd in my opinion.
    He is way more creative than Jason..

    His way of killing is hilarious some times, but he COULD be scary as well. 😀

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  • The truth

    Jason didn’t beat Freddy. The humans chopped off his head, it should have been called Jason and friends vs Freddy Krueger. Secondly, you never know. Jason could have been sleeping when he came out of the water with Krueger’s head, over-all Freddy wins. Jason is boring, he got his ass beat several times in Freddy vs Jason, even when he had help.

  • Jordy McSnicklefitts

    Which killer got the most ass?

  • Slasher Style

    Which killer had the most survivors? -Meaning attempted to kill but survived,so failed killing..yeah..Which killer had the most failed killings?

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  • Matt Mayfield

    Some of your numbers aren’t correct. Jason was only the killer in 11 movies counting the reboot and he doesn’t die at the end of Jason X. He crash lands in another pond on another planet which could lead in to more sequels

  • Calvin Fecteau

    ass beat? He just took the punches. Also Yeah I think he was dreaming. does not matter casue he can’t die. Also it was more of a 3vs3 casue jason did and would kill any of the humans. also the humans never really help him. aside from them pulling freddy out the the dream world. still does not matter casue jason cant die. they just never would have killed each other. Also. this is what google says: “The overwhelming evidence is that Jason won, as Freddy has been reduced to a severed head which can only wink suggestively at the camera. With Jason X, we know that there is another Friday the 13th film, but no more ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ sequels, the 2010 film being a remake of the original.”

  • Chuck

    Also he didn’t die at the end of part 8, a toxic waste bath left him as a scarred little boy again, dude did you pay any attention when you watched them because he didn’t die in 8 or 9. He was killed in 4 and 7

  • Josh Hooten

    your so wrong bro i hope you didnt count the deaths from the very first jason movie jason wasnt the killer his mother was ooooppss

  • Josh Hooten

    Alice sees a vehicle pull up; thinking it is Steve, she rushes outside. Instead, she is greeted by a middle-aged woman named Pamela Voorhees, who says she is an old friend of Steve’s. As Alice brings her inside, Pamela reveals that her son Jason was the boy who drowned in 1957; she blames his death on the counselors who were supposed to be watching him but instead were having sex, not paying attention to Jason’s drowning. Revealing herself as the killer, she turns violent and rushes toward Alice with a bowie knife. A chase ensues, in which Pamela attempts to kill Alice. Alice finds Annie’s body inside Pamela’s car and Steve’s body hanging from the roof. Following a confrontation in which Pamela is knocked out, Alice escapes to the shore. Just as she begins to relax, Pamela finds her and attempts to kill her again. During the final struggle, Alice decapitates her with a machete. Afterward, a traumatized Alice boards and falls asleep inside a canoe, which floats out on Crystal Lake.

    Just as Alice awakens and sees police arriving, Jason’s decomposing body suddenly emerges and drags her underwater. She then awakens in a hospital, where a police officer and medical staff tend to her. When she asks about Jason, the officer says that there was no sign of any boy; Alice says, “He’s still there”, as the lake is shown at peace.


  • Josh Hooten

    he also wasnt the killer in the a new beginning either oops