oscarsOscar is a fickle fellow.  It seems like he just can’t make up his mind when it comes to his Emcee.  It was a surprise last year when it was announced that Hugh Jackman was chosen to don the tux for the evening.  Afterwards when I talked to people, the response was favorable.  So talk went from “oh my, Hugh Jackman is hosting” to “I wonder if Hugh Jackman will come back next year.  Well word came down the pipeline that he would not be returning for the 2010 broadcast.  Then the question became, who are they going to get.

The good fellows over at Firstshowing.net have the scoop that instead of one host, we’re getting two.  Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin have both been tapped to take on the hosting duties this time around.  Martin is no stranger to hosting the Oscars, but Baldwin will be the rookie.  It’s an interesting pairing for sure.  Martin has the experience and comedy, and Baldwin brings that dry humor.  As long as the writers and producers dont muck it up with boring dialogue and bad jokes, I think this is a good pairing.  The last couple of years I’ve become increasingly bored with the actual telecast.  It’s time for the show to get some fresh blood up in there.  Hopefully Martin and Baldwin will be just the right mix.

To read the scoop, head over to FirstShowing.net.   Do you think these two are a good fit?  Who would be your ultimate Oscar host if you could choose?