So, the plan is to retool a Michael Winner directed film, one starring Charles Bronson as a killer, the titular Mechanic as he ‘fixes’ things, who do you call up to fill the man’s shoes?

Jason Statham of course, and let’s get the guy who gave us Tomb Raider and Con Air to pull the strings. Throw in a smattering of sex, guns and rock and roll, we want bullets and car chases, intimidating one liners delivered in gravelly monotone, let’s have an explosion or two and we’re done.

Here’s the trailer for the Simon West directed hitman with a vengeance thriller, and finding out that Stringfellow Hawk himself, Jan-Michael Vincent, starred in the 1972 original I’m hoping for a cameo (in a helicopter or not).

We have Ace Showbiz to thank for this one.