Maybe Nigel Cole should move to America. Having expressed his dismay at the BBFC’s apparent double standards when it comes to the treatment of profanity, Cole couldn’t quite grasp how the swearing in his own Made In Dagenham had earnt it a 15 rating, while The (similarly sweary) King’s Speech escaped with a measly 12A.

America’s MPAA were less lenient, however, lumbering the movie with a hard R-rating on account of the naughty language. Worried about the impact this decision might have on the film’s box office, the Weinstein Co. have opted to release a new PG-13 in the hopes of attracting a wider audience – the new cut set for release in 1,000 screens.

While such a re-release would usually have to wait 90 days from when the old version was pulled from cinemas, however, THR are reporting that ex-MPAA chair Bob Pisano and NATO president John Fithian have signed a waiver which will allow the PG-13 version to be released in quicker succession – a decision which pleased TWC’s president of theatrical distribution – Eric Lomis – greatly.

“We are thankful to the MPAA for their wisdom and swift action in approving the release of The King’s Speech PG-13 version.”

With the Weinstein Co. preparing to head a marketing campaign to explain the changes to America’s movie-going public, the new version will feature a number of muted “fuck”‘s, and a few instances in which “shit” has been substituted in instead.

Do you know the “f” word? Shit? Of course.