You know that joke that comes around every year or two?  The one that you just hear over and over until it makes you want to scream?  Well, it appears that once again Warner Bros. is set to raise the bad joke bar with it’s intention to continue on with its Clash of the Titans franchise.  It appears that the studio execs over on the Warner lot love to gamble, and seem naively certain that they can repeat the freak success of the first Titans movie.  They are so sure of the film’s inevitable success, that they’ve decided to weed out some of the last films actors, with the mind set that “People probably won’t remember who played Andromeda or Ares anyway”.

There are some signs though that things may not be completely headed for the dump.  The producing team behind the film has managed to somehow rope in Bill Nighy for the role of the blacksmith God Hephaestus, and even Danny Huston has agreed to reprise his role as Poseidon.  Warner Bros. has also made the decision to kick the first film’s screenwriters to the curb, and bring in Steven Knight whose track record includes the screenplays for Dirty Pretty Things, and Eastern Promises.  However, we all know that a even a good script is at the mercy of it’s director, who in this case is Johnathan Liebesman.  So who exactly is this Liebesman character anyways?  Well, he’s the guy that brought you such classic gems as Darkness Falls and Battle: Los Angeles!  It’s nice to know that the man who is set to bring the God of all Gods, Kronos, to life, is also the same guy that brought you the ever so menacing… Toothfairy Monster *cue menacing orchestra hits*!!

Even knowing the odds, a gambling man such as myself can’t help but at least display a bit of admiration for whoever is behind the reins at Warner Bros.  It takes guts to throw another $100+ million at a film whose epic flop will most likely out dazzle whatever terrible CGI they manage to stir up.