Let me start off by saying this is complete speculation…

Am I the only person worried about the world premiere of Iron Man 2 a week today? Obviously there’s no way we can predict what may happen but it’s all because of a giant volcano currently erupting beneath the Eyjafjallajoekullglacier as I type in the south-west corner of Iceland.

You’ll have to have been living under a rock for the past 5 days to not know about the impact that the Volcano has had on the world’s air travel as 22000 flights are currently being cancelled on a daily basis as the volcanic ash is currently being blown across the whole of Europe. Thanks to the image below from the BBC, you’ll see what I mean.

Killer Ash Cloud Across Europe

Of course this has meant huge amounts of revenue lost to airlines who at the moment simply cannot afford for their planes to be grounded, on top of the fact that they’re having to shell out for hotel rooms of stranded passengers of which there are estimated to be around 6.8 million!

The entertainment industry has already been affected with BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles stuck in New York, Whitney Houston having to get a car ferry to Ireland for a gig, Miley Cyrus unable to make the press junket today for The Last Song and the BBC reporting that the premiere of the movie is also cancelled tomorrow (update, see below – screening is still going ahead if you have a ticket) which is bound to upset quite a few Miley fans out there. But what can be done?

My main concern is that all the Iron Man 2 coverage that was supposed to take place beginning this Friday, will no longer happen which will obviously be a big kick in the nuts for Paramount (and now Disney who own Marvel). The stars of Iron Man 2 are scheduled to descent on London for the press conference and then world premiere of Iron Man 2 on Monday at Vue Cinemas latest flagship cinema, Westfield in West London. And would the premiere still go ahead of none of the talent were able to make it? I guess we may find out.

Of course it could well be that the ash cloud’s trajectory is changed by the wind at any given moment but experts are saying that this eruption could continue for months to come. So does this mean that air travel (and therefore events like Premieres) will be cancelled for the foreseeable future?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I’ll leave you with this Tweet from our friends over at Empire Online and let you know that we here at HeyUGuys completely agree:

“Dear ash cloud, please piss off. You’ve had your fun, now you’re spoiling ours. Love, Empire”

Update on The Last Song European Premiere from Disney:

“Due to the current flight restrictions over the UK we would like to inform you that Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth and the Director Julie Anne Robinson will no longer be attending the European Charity Premiere of The Last Song on Tuesday 20th April, 2010.  The screening of the film in support of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity is still going ahead for ticket holders at the Empire Leicester square.”