As far as we can tell, Warner Bros / New Line are all ready to go for production on The Hobbit, but are waiting for MGM to secure funding for their contribution to the budget. MGM’s financial woes have been well documented, however it does look as though whether through an arrangement with their creditors or through funding from another studio, they should be able to push forward.

When production does finally move forward (we should not hold our collective breath), the New York Times says it will be in 3D. In a sense, this is nothing new. When he was still on board as director, Guillermo Del Toro had said they would shoot in 3D, however since his departure, much was obviously going to depend on Peter Jackson’s decision as producer and the preference of whoever eventually came on board to direct.

The NY Times quote a person who has been “briefed on the plans”, but wishes to remain anonymous as the deal has not been finally struck yet. It is also worth noting, as SlashFilm did in their comment on this news, that the NY Times source and article does not spell out that the film will be shot in 3D, so we could be looking at yet another post-production conversion to 3D, which by all accounts does not tend to work especially well with live action films.

To be honest, I would just be delighted to see filming underway and much as I enjoy a well-made 3D film, I am not too fussed one way or another, as long as The Hobbit lives up to the quality and emotional impact of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

If any of these swirling rumours ever get confirmed, we will of course let you know.

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