Richard GereThere are few actors in world cinema as recognisable as Richard Gere. The ‘Silver Fox’ of Hollywood has been in the industry for 40 years now, and actor returns now in stunning fashion, taking on the role of billionaire Robert Miller in upcoming financial thriller Arbitrage – and we were lucky to sit down and talk about it with the esteemed performer.

Nominated for a Golden Globe for his efforts, Gere plays a quite shady figure and we discuss how he approaches such a role, and how much fun playing a character like this can be. He also pays high compliments to the first-time filmmaker Nicholas Jarecki, while we also briefly touch upon the documentary he has no idea he ‘s supposed to currently be making.

Arbitrage is released in UK cinemas tomorrow 1st March.

If you missed it earlier, click here to see our interview with Director Nicholas Jarecki or here to see our review. The trailer can also be seen here.

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