Last year, Martin Lawrence revealed that he was still hoping to return to the Bad Boys franchise. Meanwhile, we also heard that David Guggenheim was working on a script for a third instalment, and now a new report reveals that Joe Carnahan is in talks to rewrite the current draft of the screenplay and to possibly direct too.

Unless Will Smith is willing to return, it’s a little difficult to get excited about this. However, Deadline adds that Sony are hoping the actor will make Bad Boys 3 his next film after finishing work on Suicide Squad.

Sony are desperate to rejuvenate interest in their franchises which is why they’re bringing back Ghostbusters, teaming with Marvel for a new Spider-Man, and plotting a Jump Street/Men in Black crossover.

Michael Bay directed the first two movies (which were released in 1995 and 2003. While it’s a shame he won’t be returning, Carnahan’s style is definitely well-suited to this kind of high octane, action-packed film.

His work on both The A-Team and The Grey are proof of that,¬†and it should come as a relief to Bad Boys fans that this will be a sequel rather than reboot. If for some reason you’ve never seen Bad Boys, be sure to dive into the HeyUGuys archives by checking out our review of the Blu-ray re-release by clicking right here.