From the Vine

As you can tell from the very name of our website, we rather like The Goonies over here at HeyUGuys. So needless to say, it’s always a treat when we get the chance to speak to a member of the cast – and we were thrilled that person was a certain Joe Pantoliano.

The legend of screen has racked up a remarkable array of credits across an illustrious career, ranging from The Matrix, to Memento, and Bad Boys to The Sopranos. His latest venture is From the Vine, a charming, escapist drama about a corporate man who leaves behind the mundanity of big city life to head to Italy, and bring back his family’s old vineyard. We asked Joey Pants (apparently people call him that) whether he was able to connect to the role, and what he shares in common.

He speaks about his work, and his career and how being an actor allows him to fulfil many of the things his character is missing in life. We get into politics, we speak about the forthcoming election, and then naturally we asked him about The Goonies, and not just his relationship with the movie, but what his kids (and grandkids) think of the film. We also ask for this thoughts on the return of The Matrix, and on that death scene in Bad Boys 3.

Watch the full interview with Joe below:


Returning to his childhood home in Italy, an executive and a few locals try to reinvigorate an old vineyard to produce wine.

From the Vine is released in select theatres in the US on October 9th, and is available on VOD right now.