Prime Video has debuted the trailer for the upcoming adventure with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, ‘The Grand Tour: Sand Job.’ Which is perfect timing to present our extended interview with one the its stars – Richard Hammond.

Colin Hart sat down with the presenter to talk about the new series, the lure and appeal of the show as it has evolved and what was the spark in the original Top Gear meetings that helped spawn these huge shows.


Jeremy, James and Richard head to Africa for their penultimate adventure, and given they are entering the end game, they make sure this outing is a spectacular one.

In the remote African country of Mauritania, the trio follow in the footsteps of the legendary Paris-Dakar rally. Instead of bespoke Dakar racers, the boys must complete their journey in cheap modified sports cars. Their journey begins with the world’s longest train and sees them tackle the killer Sahara and perilous river crossings, whilst protecting their precious fuel bowser from exploding.

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This special follows their latest release, The Grand Tour: Eurocrash, and will launch globally on 16th February on Prime Video.