MTV Splashpage debuted a 30-second teaser trailer for Blue Sky Studio’s The Goon last night. It comes with an official announcement that a panel, set to include David Fincher and Paul Giamatti, will be in attendance at Comic-Con on Friday to present exclusive footage from the upcoming feature film.

The panel will take place at Comic-Con will start on Thursday, 6 PM PST in Room 24ABC.

The Goon, an adaptation of Eric Powell’s acclaimed comic-book series, is produced by none other than Fincher himself, and features the voicing talents of Paul Giamatti (Franky) and Clancy Brown (The Goon). Currently the film has no release date, but, with the involvement of such high-profile names as Fincher and Giamatti, an announcement should be made at either Comic-Con regarding a distribution deal, or soon after.

The exact plot details for the film are unknown at this stage, but by the looks of the trailer, it will incorporate elements such as: the supernatural, crazy scientists, paranormal phenomena and mystery.

Check out the trailer below and make up your own mind:

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