Pixar’s knack for mining the very depths of our hearts remains undiminished after years of bold leaps forward in computer animation.

Their latest is Inside Out, in which we go through the pre-teenage trials and tribulations of Riley, a young girl moving to a new town.

The cast and crew were on hand today for the London Press Conference which we present in full below. During the press conference they talk about how the movie has been received, how they felt during Cannes Film Festival and the pressure that comes with showing a movie there.

Amy also talks about taking on the role of Joy, why that role was so right to take on and she also talks about her online community Smart Girls which has the motto ‘Change The World By Being Yourself!’ and how that ties nicely into her role as Joy.

Inside Out is another Emeryville triumph, certain to become a generation spanning classic. Read our review from Cannes here, and check out our picks for Pixar’s Most Emotional Movie Moments.

Inside Out is in UK cinemas 24th July.