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Few studios understand the importance of narrative and character quite like Pixar. Their emphatic filmography is a hallmark of quality, artistry and excellence which spans multiple genres and formats built on a solid foundation of computer animation.

Inside Out  was a highlight of a strong year for animation, and has gained a plethora of top-mark reviews from across the pond and via global film festivals (our review from Cannes is here).

Pete Docter’s film studies the psyche of young Riley by enabling us access into her mind where we find her complex emotions characterised. Occupying her mind map is Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), Sadness (Phyliss Smith) and Fear (Lewis Black) who control her state and responses to the jarring environment she finds herself within: moving home, losing friends, starting over and nearing puberty.

Seeing as though Inside Out beautifully demonstrates ’emotional’ storytelling in both a figurative and literal sense, we thought it was apt to showcase the most emotional moments from the legendary studios roster thus far.


10. Sully Revisits Boo – Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Sometimes less really does equal more. Throughout Monsters, Inc., the beautiful layering of Sully and young Boo’s relationship means we become wholly invested in their companionship and love which receives the perfect pay-off before the credits roll.

Mike Wazowski reassembles her decrepit door, enabling Sully access one more time. The cuddly beast pokes his head through the flower-peppered frame and quietly calls out “Boo?”. We quickly hear his two-year-old pal respond “Kitty!” with eccentricity. Without seeing the delightful little one, Sully’s face lights up with joy and we fade to black.

Pete Docter doesn’t have to show their embrace and reuniting, we simply know it happens through subtle and heartwarming imagery. The film closes leaving us feeling totally uplifted.

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