For a TV show, the special effects in The Flash are pretty top notch. Of course, the budget doesn’t stretch to a suit which is enhanced by CGI, so Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen wears a practical costume in The CW series.

From day one, fans have been happy with it regardless. There are a few minor niggles though, with perhaps the biggest being the fact that the logo on the Scarlet Speedster’s chest hasn’t had a white background.

It may seem like a silly complaint, but it’s an iconic logo, and the future version of The Flash we caught a glimpse of in season one clearly had it, so waiting for it to debut has been something fans of the series have been doing for quite a while now! Well, as you can see below, Barry is going to get the logo in season two!

How and when he gets this slightly altered suit remains to be seen, especially as we’ll have to see how the Fastest Man Alive survives that interdimensional vortex he created in the season one finale first anyway.

The Flash returns to The CW on October 6th and should reach Sky One shortly after. Don’t forget to check out Oliver Queen’s new look as Green Arrow (also a long time coming) in season four of Arrow right here.