We’ve gone somewhat Dark Knight bonkers this week but I make no apology as we’ve loved every bit of it! The only thing left to do is hear from some of the cast and we’ve got the chance for you to do just that right now.

Our friend James Kleinmann got to catch up with a newcomer to the Dark Knight franchise in the form of Anne Hathaway who plays Catwoman. Although never referred to as Catwoman in the movie, she has to portray this famous character which as we’ve seen from trailers has rather a lot of action while also retaining the feline aspect of her character! We also get to hear how she connects with Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) in the movie and how she brings him out of his shell. We also find out how the stunt work which helped her take on this role.

If you’ve missed our coverage of The Dark Knight Rises, fear not as you can catch up on everything including our review, our premiere interviews and literally everything and anything else ever related to The Dark Knight franchise right here.

The Dark Knight Rises which hits UK cinemas this Friday 20th July.