Shia LaBeouf in The Company You KeepRobert Redford returns to thriller territory this year in The Company You Keep, his latest feature that sees him on both sides of the camera.

The film debuted at Venice last summer, just a few days after we saw the first trailer land. And with its US release just under two months away, Yahoo Movies have debuted a new trailer to give us a great new look at the film.

“Robert Redford directs and stars in this gripping political thriller about a young journalist (Shia LaBeouf) who stumbles upon the story of his career when he uncovers the identity of a wanted ex-radical activist (Redford) who has been underground for five decades.”

Shia LaBeouf stars opposite Redford in the anticipated film. And joining them will be Brit Marling, Susan Sarandon, Anna Kendrick, Nick Nolte, Terrence Howard, Stanley Tucci, Chris Cooper, Brendan Gleeson, Julie Christie, Stephen Root, and Sam Elliott, making for an awesome cast.

Redford is directing from a script by Lem Dobbs (The Score, Haywire), who adapts the original novel by Neil Gordon.

LaBeouf has been very much making a name for himself in recent years following the end of the (first) Transformers trilogy. A lot of people had misconceptions about his ability to act, and I’m glad to say that he’s been proving them wrong, and then some. The Company You Keep promises to be another brilliant notch in his career, giving him a chance to show off his many dramatic talents.

The Company You Keep will open in the US on 5th April in limited release, with Sony Pictures Classics continuing to open it up across the country in successive weeks. Its UK release date is set for slightly later on 7th June, and I can’t wait for that date to arrive. For now, here’s the latest trailer to set the mood.