As Hollywood continues to plunder its back catalogue in the hopes of churning out another hit from a tried and tested formula, news comes through courtesy of Deadline that a reboot of the Kevin Costner/Whitney Houston 1992 feature, The Bodyguard, is in the works.

Is it me, or does gap between the original version and remake seems to be getting smaller and smaller? Not that any of you probably need reminding, but The Bodyguard (written by ‘Raiders’ scribe Lawrence Kasdan!) centred on a Secret Service agent who is assigned to protect a megastar singer with whom he ends up falling in love with.

Apparently the new version will maintain the essence of the original and its love story hook, but there will be some contemporary twists, mainly in regards to the titular character, who will now be a former Iraq war veteran who discovers that the world of social networking and 247 media exposure to celebrities offers a bigger challenge than he first anticipated.

Let’s hope they do try and do something interesting with that premise, as it genuinely seems like it has potential to work in a modern setting. Unsubstantiated reports flying around that young, teen-favourite R&B star Rihanna is being considered for the role may put an end to that, however.

In fact, I can see her now – thrusting around, half-naked, to a new up tempo version of I Will Always Love You.