Robert Blankenheim is the mastermind behind the now infamous Titanic 2 spoof trailer that we brought to you back in August of last year, Titanic: Two the Surface. Well, this year you’re in for another treat as Robert has yet again delivered another cracking spoof trailer in the form of a sequel to Steven Spielberg’s beloved hit-movie, ET.

A childhood favourite for many movie goers, this spoof trailer is sure to become a hit on YouTube and absolutely deserves to be too. This is a fantastic effort which clearly shows how much time and care has gone into making this trailer. Once again Robert has very cleverly and convincingly woven together footage from numerous films to reunite Eliott (Henry Thomas) and Gertie (Drew Barrymore) with their best friend ET. Having travelled 3 million lightyears to find them, ET is back and he’s back to save Earth.

Reuniting ET and his friends is an ingenius idea and one guaranteed to pull at heartstrings, so sit back, relax and begin to unwind as we roll into the weekend. You’re in for a treat with this and will not want to miss it.