With all this talk of The Asylum’s Titanic II (yes, it really is coming out – you can see the first trailer for the DVD release here and the second here), a fan of the site saw these posts and sent us a spoof trailer that some of you may have seen before as it was made a while back. It made me laugh so much it had to get a post!

In the trailer, we see Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) extracted in an ice block from the North Atlantic after Rose (Kate Winslet) let him to drift into the ocean (even though there was probably room for him on the floating debris!).

Using footage from Demolition Man and then various other DiCaprio movies, they’ve put together a trailer for Jack integrating himself back into modern day after being encapulated in a block of ice for the last 90 odd years.

Have a watch – it’s a good laugh and then click here to see the real Titanic 2 trailers!