It’s no secret that we here at HeyUGuys show rather a lot of love to the Back to the Future movies because let’s face it, they’re so friggin’ good and hold a very special place in our hearts. It always excites us to see people take on new projects and it seems that the chaps behind ‘Back in Time’ (a new documentary based on the Back to the Future movies) have one of the best projects we’ve ever seen.

Back in Time Logo

Over the past two years, Director Jason Aron and Producers Louis Krubich, Lee Leshen, Adam F. Goldberg have put together what looks like it could be one of the most comprehensive looks at Back to the Future since the original movie was released 30 years ago.

The documentary includes interviews with Director Robert Zemeckis, cast members Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson and writer Bob Gale to name but a few. They also speak to some of the biggest Back to the Future fans across the globe as well as attending events like the BTTF Secret Cinema which London hosted last summer.

As you can imagine, we get sent a lot of Kickstarter campaigns sent our way to assist in promotion and 99.9% of the time we don’t get involved in promotion but hey, this is Back to the Future! Two years ago, the team behind Back in Time used the crowd sourcing platform to get the project off the ground, little did they know it would take off in such a big way so they’ve started a new campaign to help get the project over the line. You can pledge here if you so choose (there’s also buckets of information on the project).

But for now, check out the trailer for ‘Back in Time’, if you like Back to the Future, you’re gonna love this! We can’t wait to see it!