Warner Bros. are looking to secure a sequel to Ben Affleck’s 2016’s The Accountant with Affleck, director Gavin O’Connor and screenwriter Bill Dubuque all currently in talks to return to the crime thriller.

Also in talks to return to The Accountant sequel are the film’s producer’s Howell Taylor and Mark Williams while actor Jon Bernthal may also be back in some capacity as rumours state the follow-up could closely focus Bernthal’s character, a hitman who turns out to be the brother of Affleck’s Christian Wolff, Braxton. No word on whether Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons or Cynthia Addai-Robinson will be involved.

The Accountant

In the first film Affleck played Christian Wolff a mathematics savant with more affinity for numbers than people. Using a small-town CPA office as a cover, he makes his living as a freelance accountant for dangerous criminal organisations. With a Treasury agent (J.K. Simmons) hot on his heels, Christian takes on a state-of-the-art robotics company as a legitimate client. As Wolff gets closer to the truth about a discrepancy that involves millions of dollars, the body count starts to rise.

With most holding their head in exasperation at the news of a potential sequel wondering what are Warner thinking about, the original actually grossed $155 million way exceeding the original budget of $44 million after home entertainment sales proved to be fruitful but after the film received such mixed reviews the news of a sequel leads to the questioning of the Studio’s integrity.

Affleck will next reprise his role as Batman in Justice League, which Warner Bros will release later in the year. O’Connor is also developing with Imperative Entertainment the WWII thriller Atlantic Wall for Bradley Cooper to star in.

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    That’s really good. I liked Ben Affleck in The Accountant.