Here’s another post that I meant to place earlier this week but never found time! What you’ll see if you scroll down is something quite wonderful! Around four years ago (well before HeyUGuys started), Warner Bros. announced that they were going to be making the live action version of Thundercats, a TV series which I grew up with and loved dearly! I had the action figures, watched the cartoon whenever it was on and probably drive my parents mad running around their house with my plastic sword that lit up with ‘The Eye of Thundera’ shouting, “Thunder, thunder, thundercats, hoooooooooooooooooo” over and over again!

This amazing test footage comes from Flixist who have acquired the test footage in some way, shape or form. Have a watch of the below and I think you’ll like what you see! I’ve also placed the fan-made trailer which someone very clever made using characters from other movies. We’ve probably placed it on the site before but there’s no time more apt to see it again than this!

If the finsihed movie looks as good as these, then I think we’re in for good things. Bit excited now!!

More as we get it!

Test Footage

Fan-Made Trailer