‘Godzilla Vs Kong’ and ‘The Guest’ helmer Adam Wingard has signed up to direct and rewrite the script for a long-in-gestation movie adaptation of the carton ‘Thundercats’.

Wingard has stated that the big-budget, hybrid CGI movie will use the animation series of the 80s’ as a “jumping point” but it will take a new path “in a direction he has been thinking about for many years”.

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Wingard has also described his vision as a “new type of fantasy sci-fi spectacle film that people have never seen before”. Being a big fan of the series, Wingard also promises to retain the 1980s aesthetic of rich colour and has no plans to change the character looks: “I don’t want to reinvent the way they look; I want them to look like ThunderCats. I don’t want to do it live-action, either. I don’t want it to look like Cats, I don’t want those kinds of issues.”

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Dan Lin and Roy Lee have long been attached as producers, Wingard will, with Simon Barrett, rewrite the script which had an early draft by David Coggeshall.

The original 80s’ animation series follows a group of humanoid cats who must flee their planet of Thundera after it’s destroyed. Crash-landing on another planet, Third Earth, they must thwart the evil sorcerer Mumm-Ra who is bent on killing them off.

This is not a trailer for the new film (obvioulsy), but Thundercats fans will remember this CG’d intro from last year courtesy of Mike Booth.