Picture it now, you’re in your local supermarket for your weekly shop when all of a sudden…..

“Bing Bong bing – An A-Lister to aisle 4 please!”

Yes, it’s true, Tesco are reportedly going to start producing movies by best selling authors staring with Jackie Collins. The monster supermarket chain who sell pretty much every service going already, have joined forces with US company, Amber Entertainment to start producing straight-to-DVD movies that it will start off by selling in-store exclusively.

Tesco entertainment director, Rob Salter said:

“This ground-breaking relationship with Amber Entertainment is a significant development for Tesco and the first of its kind for the industry, through this partnership we will be able to offer our customers an exclusive window to own a first-run film from a range of well-known authors.”

I guess this isn’t a massive surprise as I am sure that Tesco is secretly (not very well) trying aiming for world domination and this brings them one step closer!

It isn’t April Fools day is it?! More info on the BBC website.