With James Cameron’s Avatar eating up the box office competition leaving chewed up previous top earners in its wake there should be no surprise that any and every possible film is being given that extra special third dimension.

Many of the sequels, threequels and remakes of the recent decades are getting the 3D treatment and the rumours going around that the third Gremlins film (if it happens at all) will be in 3D are curious, if ineivtable.

There’s something strangely fitting for Gremlins 3 to actually be Gremlins 3D, as it plays to the B-movie aspect so wonderfully aped by Joe Dante’s original.

Now we’re in the wave of another revival for 3D, with skepticism riding alongside it, opinions on the necessity of a third dimension vary, and to convince a waiting world that this isn’t a gimmick may prove difficult. You can already imagine the tagline – ‘3 Films, 3 Rules, 3 Dimensions’. Hmmm.

The rumour was found via Empire at Market Saw.