Horror fans have had their eyes on this one for a good while now and those in the UK will be able to see this anthology horror, created with love by some of the best new wave of directors, when it plays at FrightFest this August.

In the vein of Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors and Asylum, four stories are told in this film with each director taking on a much loved sub-genre. Tim Sullivan directs I Was a Teenage Werebear, a spoof of the teenage paranoia flicks of the 50s with the cast called upon to sing. Sounds nuts, as does the monster movie Wadzilla about a huge sperm terrorising a city courtesy of Adam Rifkin. Adam Green’s The Diary of Anne Frankenstein played at FrightFest last year and the director is a festival favourite so expect this one to go down well again this year.`Joe Lynch’s Knights of Badassdom is a highly anticipated film and his segment of Chillerama is titled simply and beautifully Zom B Movie.

That each director is a lifelong horror is a given and the poster released today not only has a cheesy tagline but looks just the ticket, with a odour of Garbage Pail Kids to it. A DVD release is probable, but a VHS version would be even better.

Pin open your eyes, here’s the poster…

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