In a publicity tour fueled with nostalgia and an unlikely amount of spoilers the Terminator Genisys hypewagon is making one final stop before the release date. A new passenger is boarding: Mr. James Cameron.

It makes sense for Paramount to bring out the director of the first two Terminator films, particularly as many of the expected beats in Genisys look to play on knowledge of those films.

Cameron talks his way through his reactions to his screening, and mentions the narrative divergence central to Genisys’s appeal.  He also throws the third and fourth films out of the window, which many of the series’ fans have already done.

Be warned. Though there is much you’ve seen here before Cameron does talk about a moment in the film rational people would consider a HUGE SPOILER. Don’t watch if you want to enter your darkened cinema a Genisys virgin.

Go Go James Cameron.