Coming to us in 3-glorious-D this summer is Marcus Nispel’s Conan the Barbarian, and a teaser trailer released a few moments ago brings us growling, husky voices and some sword swirling.

We get to see Jason Momoa as Conan waxing lyrical about his Barbarianing, and look closer into the swirling mists to see other characters from the movie. It is a teaser in the strictest sense – so don’t expect too much, there’s no actual footage from the film but as a first look it’s perfectly passable. In other words – you’ll need more than smoky swordplay and growling to bring in the masses.

Conan also stars Ron Perlman, Stephen Lang, Rachel Nichols, Rose McGowan, Raw Leiba, Saïd Taghmaoui and is directed by  Marcus Nispel. The movie adaptions are based on the stories by Robert E. Howard written in 1932.

Enough reading, more sword swirling!


Yahoo Serious ly bought this to us.