A couple of nights ago, I got home very late from a screening and thought I’d flick on the TV. This is something that I never do as I always have far too many posts to write for HeyUGuys but on this occasion it was obviously destiny as FIVE had a TV show on which was called, Justin Lee Collins vs. Steven Seagal. Lee Collins is a TV presenter her in the UK and has done previous programmes like Bring Back Star Wars and Bring Back the A-Team. He was going to do Bring Back the Goonies but Empire got in there first.

Anyway, this new series has started on FIVE and to my delight after looking for a clip from the programmes, they’ve put the entire show on YouTube! Fantastic effort FIVE! O don;t know if it’s region encoded or what but if you have 45 minutes to spare, you MUST watch this programme. Seagal is a legend and Justin does a fantastic job at getting to know the martial arts expert throughout this programme.


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