Judd Apatow has been busy building his presence on the big screen as producer, writer and director, but he is back on the small screen for now, as producer of HBO series “Girls”. Yes, it’s set in New York City, yes there is some sex, no there is no Sarah Jessica Parker. Instead, we have (as far as can be gleaned from a relatively brief trailer) laughs, winning performances and no small amount of frankness regarding sex (“why do we need to get lube?”).

HBO tend to be associated with very high calibre television and regardless of what you might think of Apatow’s big screen ubiquity and the danger of quality dilution that often goes along with that, it looks like this should be a winner. US TV seems to have a pretty short shelf-life these days, so Girls will have to prove itself quickly if it is to endure. But if there’s any justice and if this trailer is symptomatic of the rest of the show, all should be well.

Source: Collider.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfrahmVwK0M’]

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