It’s been a bit of an odd ride with John Carter. Quite apart from finding the film somewhat underwhelming, my interview with director, Andrew Stanton ended up being a little more difficult than I expected, while Lynn Collins discussed working in a skimpy outfit, and Willem Dafoe showed a surprising interest in motion capture.

With the film out today, we’re rounding out our John Carter coverage with an interview with the star of the show, Taylor Kitsch who plays the title character. By the standards of the previous interviews, Kitsch was positively mundane. The conversation certainly stayed on the expected track.

We began by discussing reuniting with the British cast at last week’s premiere, with Kitsch letting slip his slightly serial killer-esque nickname for co-star Dominic West. Later we spoke about the trust required between Kitsch and the film’s animation team, trying to make sense of all the characters, places and technology in the world of John Carter and the strange coincidence of release dates that sees him starring in three films over the course of the summer.

Check it out below. All our coverage of John Carter including my review can be found here.

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