The anthology series is back with the third season and it’s as stylish and slick as its predecessors in the high-class world of escorts. This time around tech and data play a major role in a series where style over substance is a monotonous factor in its opening episodes.

Season 3 is set in the London tech scene, Iris (Julia Goldani Telles), a neuroscience major, begins to explore the transactional world of The Girlfriend Experience and quickly learns that client sessions provide her with a compelling edge in the tech world.

By day, Iris is the highly intelligent, glasses-wearing, tech nerd newly hired by the London tech company NGM. Setting about gathering data of human behaviour and their desires of what they say they want and what they really want from a relationship into workable algorithms to sell off to Dating apps. By night, she becomes the sexy and sultry Cassie, a high-end escort for ‘The V’, a femme fatale type that pushes men’s sexual buttons opening up their minds to their most kinky desires, a trait she learns she can use in her day job.

In the first 2 episodes, we learn nothing of the person Iris is, a vague back story explores nothing. The focus is on the here and now with writer and director Anja Marquardt’s vision detaching itself from the previous seasons focusing on how both her work in tech and providing sexual services benefit each other. It’s perfectly clear Iris gets her thrills from both sides, the challenging mental stimulation of asking questions of peoples behaviours and how to interrupt them on one side and unleashing her seductive powers on men on the other.

How this series will play out is any ones guess, with a clinical icy stare we can’t even fathom where anything is connected or where Iris’s path will lead. I, for one, am scratching my head but nothing about its vacant storyline or aesthetic frostiness compels me to want to go back and even try.

Starz will release the first episode Sunday, May 2.