South by Southwest is a festival like none other. Spread across the bustling streets of Downtown Austin, the convergence event truly has something for everyone.

South by Southwest, better known as SxSw, is a tech conference meets music festival meets film festival. With hundreds of films, bands, startups, and established brands all over the city, the energy is unrivaled.

This year is no different as thousands prepare to arrive at the Texas capitol this week.

I will be lucky enough to attend this year’s festival for a whole week and the film lineup is one of the strongest in years. SxSw is a great combination of established, anticipated films mixed with independent films with massive potential to be the next big thing.

In the past some of the competition films that have premiered at the festival have been Short Term 12, Peanut Butter Falcon, Tiny Furniture. Krisha, and more.

But typically, the film is known for its world premieres. Some of my favorites I have attended in the past have been 21 Jump Street, Cabin in the Woods, and Baby Driver. 

This year’s lineup has some massive names and greatly anticipated titles. Here are the top five movies I am most anticipating at SxSw 2024.

Grand Theft Hamlet
grand thest hhamlet

Yes, you are reading that title right and it is exactly what it sounds like.

UK couple Sam Crane and Pinny Grylls have created an original and imaginative adaptation of the Shakespeare classic that no one would ever in their right mind link to the popular violent video game Grand Theft Auto.

Set in January 2021, two struggling theatre actors are looking to cope with the third lockdown of Covid. While the two are trying not to let the chaos of the world bring them both down they find a theater in the video game and decide to stage an entire production of Hamlet.

I have no idea what to expect from this film, but there is no way I will pass on such a crazy, innovative idea for a film.



Few people can make me laugh like Ilana Glazer can. Finally, she has the opportunity to lead her own comedy film, and I have no doubt it will be hilarious and mark the arrival of a comedic superstar.

Pamela Adlon (Better Things) had an incredible run with her FX show and is debuting her first feature film with Glazer as the lead. Babes follows Eden (Glazer) as she becomes pregnant from a one-night stand. She leans on her best friend and mother of two Dawn (the hilarious Michelle Buteau) to guide her.

The concept, cast, and director make me think this might just be the festival favorite.

Road House

This is going to be the testosterone event of the festival! Jake Gyllenhaal stars in the remake of the 1989 Patrick Swayze cult classic.

In this version, Gyllenhaal is an ex-UFC fighter down on his luck who takes on the role of a bouncer in the Florida Keys. The supporting cast is a crazy collection of names, including Conor McGregor and Post Malone.

What makes me anticipate this film the most is director Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow, Swingers, Go.) What this film won’t be is clichéd and safe. I anticipate a fun, wild ride and I can’t wait for it!

Monkey Man


John Wick starring and directed by Dev Patel? Sign me up!

The vengeance action trope is one I am always ready and willing to see. Monkey Man is the next addition to this collection. Patel stars as an anonymous young man set to get revenge on the men who murdered his Mother.

Inspired by the Hindu myth Hanuman, the first trailer made this look like the coolest movie that will be coming out in 2024. I have been a fan of Patel’s for years and always love seeing his films. I greatly anticipate his directorial feature debut and believe this is going to be thrilling!


Brigsby Bear was my favorite movie of 2017. Kyle Mooney starred and directed the awkward, strange, and incredibly sweet film about a man who escaped a bunker to make a movie of the only TV show he was allowed to watch while growing up. The entire movie was pitch perfect in weirdness but also in innocence.

Mooney returns with Y2K. Y2K follows two high school kids as they make a choice to crash a party on New Year’s Eve 1999. With the backdrop of great anticipation and anxiety, I am sure the film will create many opportunities for some strange moments, but if it is anything like Mooney’s first film, it will pack a surprising emotional punch.

South by Southwest takes place in Austin, TX from March 8 to March 16. Keep an eye out for my reviews throughout the festival.