At South by Southwest last week, a star was born and this summer that star will explode.

Amy Schumer has come on strong in the past few years with her Comedy Central show, “Inside Amy Schumer” and numerous stand-up specials. She has been the recipient of much acclaim but her greatest achievement so far will be in theaters this Summer.

Trainwreck is one of the sweetest, funniest, and most outrageous films to hit theaters in years. This film is the latest directorial effort from Judd Apatow but stands out greatly from his other films thanks to its star and writer.

Trainwreck, starring and written by Schumer, chronicles the misadventures of its leading character, Amy, as she runs through boyfriends and sexual encounters as a way to protect herself and stay true to her and her career as a journalist. When her boss (an unrecognizable and hilarious Tilda Swinton) assigns her a story to feature a young sports surgeon (Bill Hader,) something happens to Amy she didn’t know was possible, she falls in love.

This is Apatow’s first major directorial feature that he did not write and is clearly different from his past films. The refreshing arrival of a female lead makes this much-needed change from Apatow’s previous leads. How often we’ve seen an awkward everyman going through an identity crisis.

Instead Apatow isn’t directing a film that seems autobiographical or self-reflective, but he is allowed to tell a hilarious story of a destructive woman who is prepared to take down everyone in her sights.

Schumer is a force, knocking every gag out of the park but also displaying impressive dramatic chops that one doesn’t expect from a well-known stand-up comedian. Bill Hader is finally given the lead role he deserves and he is lovable and relatable in every way.

The supporting cast of the film is absolutely solid. Brie Larson, Mike Birbiglia, Vanessa Bayer and Swinton are great, but perhaps the biggest surprise of the film is LeBron James. It turns out the basketball superstar’s comedic timing is just as impressive as his jump shot.

Trainwreck is a massive accomplishment. What Schumer accomplishes in this film isn’t important because she is a woman, it is important because it’s something that isn’t often accomplished by anyone. The film carries just as much heart with it as it carries laughs, something that is few and far between in the romantic-comedy genre.

Amy’s character is one of the most well written and performed in recent memory. Her complex personality and vulgarity make her as layered a leading character you will ever see. At times it is hard to like her but you never stop rooting for her: the product of outstanding writing.

The film delivers on every level of the emotional scale. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will make you want to scream.

Trainwreck will be a massive hit this summer but it is Schumer whose star will shine much brighter and for much longer than just 2015.